Going to Sunny Beach with Kids… See this first!

It is hot summer of 2016… August, you want to go somewhere where you can rest, but also not worry about the kids… Are you looking for summer holiday, where you can really enjoy the holiday, knowing that your children are having fun in amazing activates that will...
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Doctors advise you… just take holiday in Bulgaria.

Maybe it is not surprise, but conducted by Finnish scientists in 2013, the people that make regular holidays, not only in Bulgaria, but in other sunny countries as well, are healthier and much, much happier. That’s why we advise you and doctors advise you too, take some holidays...
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Visit Montenegro this summer, see why!

We do not know if you know, but our team of writers loves this country – Montenegro. Not only the name sounds amazing, but also we think it is the one, if not the only one so magical and emotional place on our planet. We will give you...
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