Bulgaria: most important things to know. Part one.

Bulgaria Holidays

After a lot, a lot of e-mails we desire that it is best for our readers to do some sort of list of information, all you need for amazing and pleasant holiday and some of the most interesting facts about this country and his people. This information is provided by Balkan Holidays – leading traveling site to Bulgaria’s most wanted beach and winter resorts: Sunny Beach, Golden Sands, Nessebar, Sozopol, Borovetz, Pamporovo and much, much more! Soon we will do one amazing article on not so known city holiday like holidays to Nessebar Bulgaria and Sozopol. So, let’s start.

Fact number one: Bulgarian Alphabet.
cyrillic-alphabetThe unique alphabet of Bulgaria was created by two brothers, Methodious (Metodi) and Cyril and it is called Cyrillic, after the alphabet was approved, after one of them (Cyril). Another interesting thing about this is that the Bulgarian people celebrating in a national holiday their alphabet in 24.05 each year and both Metodi and Cyril are saints.

Fact number two: The Bathrooms thing.

BG bathrooms are way basing, than that in UK. There is no tray, instead there is a hole in the bathroom floor. You can request in each resort a bath mat for your foot.

Fact number three: Changing money can be tricky.

We advice you not to change money out in the open – on the street, for example, this is strictly illegal and it is good to know that you will be almost sure, that you will be cheated with the exchange.

Fact number four: Credit cards & Currency.
Do not use credit cards on Bulgarian local business. They hardly except it… Use the credit card only to drawing cash from nearest and safest ATM. The currency of Bulgaria is lev and the coins is stotinki (стотинки) 1 leva is 100 stotinki the denomination of lev is 5,10,50,100 leva 1 and 2 leva is already coins too!

Expect our part two in this useful series… we hope that this will help if you decide to go to Bulgaria most wanted summer resorts, like Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

See you soon, all best!