Find you answers for Bulgaria Ski Holidays – Guide for beginner’s part 2.

Bulgaria Holidays

Hey friends we write the first part here. This second part we continue to answer you most frequently asked questions about winter holidays in Bulgaria. The resorts of Borovets, Bansko and Pamporovo are really amazing, so we are glad to answer you just about everything. So let’s continue!

Question number three – Which of these three resorts for winter holidays are cost?

Well this is the most important question after all, right? The Bulgarian Ski holidays are one of the cheapest ever… So, without any discounts a typical winter holiday in Borovets Bulgaria will cost you about this: (the picture is taken from Balkan Holidays Blog)

Borovets Bulgaria

If you prefer Pamporovo, which is the best for beginners, as we explain already in part one. This is their average prices. Again, this prices are on average, it may varies with discounts and packages if you take advantage of the September – pre – order holiday market.


And last, but not least Bansko – the best ski resortin Europe, crown by TripAdvisor. Look into prices:


Question number four – Which of these resorts are closest to the lift itself?

Well, that depends on the exact hotel, so we cannot tell you as much as we want. You can look into Google to hotels near (resort name) lift… We prefer to see about free passes on the lift, included in the package.

Question number five – What is the most complex and complete 360 winter resort in Bulgaria?

Well we tell you that’s really Borovets, no question about that… The lift is no more than 100 meters from the most of the hotels, food is amazing and services are very good. A lot of nice hotels are out there. From 4 stars and above. Borovets is the most visited winter holiday resort in Bulgaria by UK holidaymakers.

We hope that we helped you with the right answers to your questions… Do not worry if you have more, send them, we will answer them as fast, as we can! See you soon, see you in Pamporovo (yes we are beginners too!)

See this amazing vido made by Bulgarain Goverment – it is amazing :