Be smart and take measures accordingly – use CheckThem!

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If you want to “check” somebody in a discreet way, you can use Google. But within a minute, will you be able to find all the information in this Internet portal. Isn’t there just public information that everyone can access? How to check the criminal record of someone, or the full address, or to get his phone number? Should we have a friend in the police to be able to “reveal” someone…?

It doesn’t matter if your friends or relatives work in some intelligence service, or not. You do not need them to check whatever you want. You can be a real detective on your own and to peep into the past of some suspect that obviously is hiding very dark past… – Or not?


First check and then make your own conclusions. Sometimes, when we are sure that someone is a criminal or so, we are surprised by his clear past and stop worrying. Visit and make sure that your friends, colleagues, relatives or neighbors are good people and are not a threat to you!

Today there are many crimes that make us feel sad and even horrify us… When we hear about the serial murder, we just pray that this will not happen to us. If you have kids, your worry will be much, much stronger and you will think all the time about your children’s safety, right ?!

We fully understand you, because we know very well what is life “on the street”. In the U.S., every day there is a crime and we are wondering whether there is a completely safe place where to hide… How to let our kids go to school, or to allow them to go out to play? Isn’t better just to lock them home, in order to save them from the “bad ones”? What we must do, as parents?

Use CheckThem! This amazing web site will give you many opportunities as regards to the safety of your family. You can found out who is the teacher of your kid or the next door man. You can check everyone, without others knowing. All the services of are confidential and nobody will know that you are doing this… Just by one click you will receive very detailed, useful, and interesting information, as after that you will decide how to use it!

Be smart and take measures accordingly – sometimes, they can safe you!