Doctors advise you… just take holiday in Bulgaria.

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Maybe it is not surprise, but conducted by Finnish scientists in 2013, the people that make regular holidays, not only in Bulgaria, but in other sunny countries as well, are healthier and much, much happier. That’s why we advise you and doctors advise you too, take some holidays to Bulgaria via Balkan Holidays, for example. Why Balkan Holidays? Because they has way more than 50 years in this industry experience. Thousands of holidays in Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro and so on… Balkan Holidays are awarded for best medium holiday company for regions of Europe: East and Southeast. So, if you choose to follow doctor’s advice visit them and book holiday today in Croatia, Bulgaria or other lovely country! Soon we will make article about all of winter places in those countries, to be prepared for winter holidays.


Why holidays are healthy for you? It is simple, because the holiday itself is different from your daily routine and you do something relaxing and away from you problems in office. In other words, people who do not take vacations, holidays or just trips to some other places are exposed to very high risk of diseases including heart disease and probably will pass away way early than those folks that are traveling often and make sure to have fun. Even if it is short break of working, something kind of long weekends holidays (you can find those too in Balkan Holidays) are amazing for your health. This strong impact on is similar to effect of having an amazing long sleep. In other words when you are on a holiday your mind is sleeping and resting. When you return on your workplace you feel amazing, full of energy and much, much happier!

So are you still thinking about it? – Well, don’t. Here is this amazing video of Bulgaria beaches. Book you August Bulgaria holiday now and save with amazing late deals by Balkan Holidays. All best!