How to find good plumber service – know how!

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Mature plumber fixing a sink at kitchen
We know that is very challenging to find a very good plumber in UK or London, even. So we decided to make step by step know how. You know that someone somewhere is cheated on the plumber bill, because you do not know what he does, or when he does it. So let’s start.

Step 1.

You have to be sure that the plumber has a license for pluming, right? Some of the emigrants in UK do not have one, but are still very good in this job. Still do not hire plumber without license. Other thing is insurance, which is very important in those kinds of things, because if something goes wrong you have to pay your neighbor in the event of a catastrophe in your home or neighbor’s home. So do not miss the plumber license.

Step 2.

Get references (at least two!) and read some reviews at Google plus or Facebook page. Even you can ask in facebook on some comments for referrals, but do not relay on them so much, because it can be someone friend of the plumber or something like that.

Step 3.

Key question: “How long are you on business?” – don’t focus on the exact answer, but the music of the plumber … the voice, is he confident? If you are sense something wrong, just call another one, there is so many of them in UK and London.

Step 4.

Ger more than one offer for your job. It is essential to ask other companies or self-employed plumbers for pricing … Compare the offers (be careful about fees and comparing apples to apples)

Step 5.

Ask for money back! In these days economic in UK there is a lot of plumbers and home services that will guarantee to do the job. If they belief in their performance, there will be no problem for them to guarantees, right? If plumber has very high standards and work ethics he will say: “Of course, sure”