Croatia – beautiful, magical and inspiring!

Croatia Holidays

Every country has its own story and beauty. And when traveling, we can see a part of all that and then to tell interesting stories to our friends and beloved ones as well. To travel is something really wonderful due to the pleasant emotions we can collect and the numerous irreplaceable moments we can experience! – Do you agree?

But when it is time to decide where to go, what a hotel to book or what kind of transportation to use, things become really difficult…

That is why we have created this amazing blog – to guide you in the vast world of tourism and holidays. To help you find your perfect place where to relax and fully enjoy your leave of absence! This is also our mission – because we love to travel and are crazy on exciting trips… – So you?

One of our favorite holiday destinations in Europe is Croatia! Every town, place or even corner there is magical and will make you fall in love with it… If you do not believe us and think that we are lying just to make you visit Croatia, you are wrong! If we do not like this land, we will not recommend it to you. We will tell you to go somewhere else and to forget about Croatia…

But how to tell such a thing, since this European land is simply amazing and everybody must go there even once a lifetime… How to advise you to organize your trip in Turkey (for example) that is one of the most popular sea destinations, when Croatia has much more to offer?


In Croatia there are so many gorgeous places for you to go, that to spend your holiday only in one place is pointless… We advise you to spend your first day in Croatia in Dubrovnik, then to visit Split, Hvar, Pula, the Plitvice lakes National Park and so on! Try to make a varied program, so that to see as many places as possible… If you visit a maximum number of cities or resorts, it can be said that your trip to Croatia has been fulfilling and really unforgettable!

Well, every holiday in Croatia has to be organized during the summer season. When outside is warm, you will have many opportunities for practicing of different activities, as well as will see much more sights that can’t be seen during the winter! Or at least, you will not want to see them because to stay in front of the fireplace will be your favorite activity :).