What to See When Traveling from Edinburgh to Glasgow

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Experienced travellers know how to get the most from trips. Day by day, destination after destination, they learn how to use up every single minute, filling their time with new experiences. Advanced travellers use up even those odd several hours of commute between two destinations. They know that trains and buses are boring so they avoid them if not on a tight schedule. 

If you’ve ever been to Scotland, you probably know how much is there to see. The journey between Edinburgh and Glasgow is one of the best ones that you can undertake. You can spend days between these two cities. Here’s how to get the best experience and check some of the world-famous sightings that Scotland has to offer when travelling from Edinburgh to Glasgow.

What is the best way to travel from Edinburgh to Glasgow

If you want to freely explore the area between Glasgow and Edinburgh, there are only two ways to commute. You can either rent a car and travel to all of the individual landmarks or you can book a local taxi. Some private cabs in Glasgow offer such types of services for tourists, so if you find it too hard to drive on the other side of the road, you can explore this commute option. 

What to see between Edinburgh and Glasgow

Needless to say, you want to plan your journey according to the time that you have, so the following list of landmarks is suggestive. Each of them will take you between 2 and 4 hours to check. The most worthy of your attention sightings on the road from Glasgow to Edinburgh (or back) are:

South Queensferry –  to reach this beautiful town on the Forth Bridges’ shore, simply take the A90 road west of Edinburgh. If you travel in August, you’ll be able to enjoy the town’s Ferry Fair that dates back from the 12th century. It’s one of a kind experience where you’ll be able to experience the vibrant local culture at the fullest. However, if you’ll be passing through Queensferry at any other time of the year, worry not, as there’s a lot to see and do throughout the entire year. You can check the Queensferry Museum, have a pint at Hawes Inn and enjoy the stunning Forth Bridge while tasting delicious seafood in the Samphire restaurant. Indulge the heavenly desserts and coffee at Stables Kitchen, and spoil your taste buds in the Manna House Bakery with some craft tarts and patisseries.

Linlithgow Palace – take the roads west to reach the ruins of Linlithgow Palace – a royal manor turned into a military base back in the 14th century. It was used to secure the supply routes between the Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle. In the present day, the palace is open to the wider audience all year round and is one of the most history-rich spots that you can see.

Falkirk Wheel – one of the most impressive landmarks around Scotland, this 35-meter-high rotating boat lift is an engineering masterpiece designed to reconnect Edinburgh with Glasgow. You could easily fill an entire day with just this single sighting and you’ll learn all about the history behind it. It’s child-friendly and has cafes and other amenities which will make for a comfortable experience. 

The Kelpies – another point of interest near Falkirk, the Kelpies are 30-metres-high horse head sculptures made of steel. They depict kelpies – shape-shifting water spirits who have the endurance and strength of 10 horses. However, the sculptor Andy Scott had more in mind when creating this stunning piece of art. If you decide to visit the Kelpies, make sure to attend the informational tour as well, to learn everything about the history and creation of this one of a kind monument.

Stirling Castle – a fine example of ancient castlery, Stirling Castle is one of the largest and most important royal castles in Scotland. Representing the finest in Renaissance architecture, there are several exhibitions held regularly, which cover the history of the castle, the Scottish Royalty, as well as the military. Make sure to bring your camera, as the castle offers some of the best views around. 

Where to stay on the road from Edinburgh to Glasgow

Nothing says true Scottish experience better than a night in a real-life castle. Unfortunately, not all local castles offer such opportunities to the ordinary traveller. However, several small ones such as the Culcreuch Castle in Fintry do accommodate visitors. The hotel is located north of Glasgow and will give you the perfect ending of your journey from Edinburgh to Glasgow.