Go to Bulgaria to ski and have the best winter vacation ever!

Bulgaria Holidays

Even that the winter season is still far from you, you should already think about the organization of your winter holiday. – Why? The answer is so simple – if you book a hotel now, will get attractive discounts that won’t be possible if you go to the destination chosen without reservation, or in the last minute as well. – You know that, right?

But if you make a reservation several months before the ski season, will be able to get advantageous travel deals that will give you the chance to stay even longer. Who doesn’t want to ski longer?

Before to organize its ski vacation in the mountain, everybody is wondering where exactly to go, which ski resort to visit and what a tourist program for its family to plan. We have many questions related to our forthcoming holiday, as each of them is of most significance!

We are here for that very reason – to answer your question and to help you find the perfect place for you to go. Yes, it exists!

First of all, note that for every ski vacation the most important thing is the ski base available. If you are not able to practice your favorite winter sport in a well-maintained and developed ski base, won’t be able to have a good time as well. Because the quality tourist service is the most important thing you have receive!


Bulgaria offers such excellent conditions for practicing of winter sports. One of its ski resorts is called Bansko skiing and just like a real winter paradise, this place attracts millions of people every year. Located in the beautiful Pirin Mountains, the amazing ski resort of Bansko is one of the best European destinations where you can ski. If you love hiking, or practicing of extreme sports, the nature in the area will give you the chance to do all that and many other interesting things/activities as well. The choice is yours, but have in mind that if you do not try ski when in Bansko, you may regret in time! This dynamic and attractive sport is so famous and interesting, that hardly there are people who do not like to have fun among the snow in this way. Try something new and if so far you had not the opportunity to ski, now is the moment. Or actually, after several months!

Be sure that your holiday in Bansko will be one of the best vacations you have ever had. Every minute there will be exciting for every member of your family… If you have small kids, they will be more than happy to be there for a week, or even for more. The resort is excellent destination for solo, or family vacations, as well as excellent choice for groups (of kids, retirees, or friends) who are looking for a suitable place where to have fun together!

Of course, the country of Bulgaria has many other excellent winter/mountain destinations where every keen on the ski holidays can go. Not only Bansko is your option for a ski vacation. You can visit Borovets and Pamporovo too, as both of them are more than great resorts for you to spend your winter leave of absence in the mountain!

Have in mind that even that the listed above resorts are highly visited mainly for ski tourism, you can go there for SPA relax or even for night adventures. Even that most people think that the winter resorts are nothing more but places where to ski, that’s not true… Not every one of us loves to ski. There are people who just want to relax in a cozy restaurants, or in the local café, as the ski runs are just a beautiful picture for them and nothing more… Yes, such people exist and that is completely normal!

So, do not hesitate if to go for bulgaria skiing during the winter season. – Even if you are not a ski fan… As we said there are many different options for you to have lots of fun away from the ski slopes. Let your children replace you and have lots of fun under your watchful eye!

ski bansko

Borovets is another ski resort that worth visiting during the winter months in Bulgaria. There you can do whatever you want among the snow: skiing, sledding, snowboarding etc. Except that, you will be able to book a nice hotel, to dine in cozy restaurants, as well as to have lots of fun after your snowy day on the ski slopes: discos, bars, taverns etc. All that is making Ski Borovets for one of the most famous, visited, preferred and recommended winter resorts in Bulgaria. There you can find more that you expected like: ski school, many establishments, low prices and impressing family-friendly conditions. Do you want to touch all that?

Located in the majestic Rila Mountains, this place is a favorite winter destination for many holidaymakers who want the best for its families. Being there you can do many things, that your stay will pass very quickly and even imperceptibly. Some of us have already been there…

In generally, every of the ski resorts in Bulgaria worth visiting. Since they all are wonderful and rich in breathtaking nature, hardly there is someone who doesn’t like them. The well-maintained bases and the people who serve the quests are the two factors making the Bulgarian ski resort for being at the top of the charts when it comes to winter vacations in the mountain. And if we add the low prices and the amazing nature too, all Bulgarian ski resorts can be ranked as the best in Europe!

Do not waste time and book your ski vacation in Bulgaria even now. Make a short research of the mountain hotels and book yours today. Do not hesitate that there you will find the comfort you need. Bulgarian hotels will give something more… – Coziness and a real pleasure!

We are looking forward to receive your kind comments how you spent your ski holiday in Bulgaria. And yes, we know that it was unforgettable, but still it will more exciting to hear that from you!

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