Summer holidays in Bulgaria? Why not!

Bulgaria Holidays

Do you know how many countries suitable for summer holidays in Europe there are? Which do you think the prefect one is and which of them you can visit with the greatest pleasure every year? If you are not quite sure and are still wondering where to spend your family vacation at sea, as well as have some doubts regarding the summer resort, by reading this article you may get some ideas…

One of the most suitable European destinations for summer holidays is the beautiful country of Bulgaria. It is very cheap and has unique summer resorts! Each of them is family-friendly and offers all the necessary conditions for you to have lots of fun and a pleasant relaxation as well. And if you do know this land, but always have been interested to learn what would be your holiday there, stay here and understand why you should organize your vacation in Bulgaria!

Hardly there is someone who doesn’t know Sunny Beach That is the biggest and the most attractive sea resort in Bulgaria. Most of the tourists who visit it are young people and go there to enjoy the popular night life of Sunny Beach. Enjoy it too!


On the other hand, Sunny Beach is one of the most preferred summer resorts by families with small kids too. And even that it is a little bit noisy and very dynamic; Sunny Beach is on the top when it comes to family vacations! – Why?

Well, the first reason is that in the resort there are many budget-friendly hotels that are more than perfect for traveling parents. They offer varied tourist services and many entertainments for your kids. And if you hurry up, can even get a big discount! Thus, you can stay longer, but for less – isn’t great?

Another gorgeous place for you to visit when in Bulgaria and when exploring the Black Sea coast is Nessebar! This city is different than the other summer resorts in the country, but that’s just the reason why it is so popular and desired by the holidaymakers! It is ancient and very romantic. It will impress you with its enchanting beauty and with its incredible historical sights… All that makes Nessebar for being a favorite place for the fans of history and for all those people who love to explore cultural sites!

Along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast there are many other summer resorts suitable for summer holidays. We can’t list them all today, but you can follow our articles and to get more and more ideas about where to go this summer!