Find you answers for Bulgaria Ski Holidays – Guide for beginner’s part 1.

Bulgaria Holidays

As you may know the Bulgarian Ski holiday is one of the most famous in UK. We all love Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo. We desided to write an article for the most frequently asked questions when you go to Bulgaria Ski. You can see offers for Bulgaria Ski Bansko, Borovets and Pamprorovo offers in September are amazing, a lot of discounts, a lot of nice packages and you will plan your holiday early to tell your employer about it.

map-pamporovoAs one of the experts in this field – winter ski holidays in Bulgaria, like Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo resorts, Balkan Holidays are good choice they really had a lot of experience in the field of winter/summer holidays in southeast Europe. As we found in their site they had more than 50 years doing that, and they send people in holiday in this resorts since 1972. So let’s start with the questions.

Question number 1 – Which of these three resorts has very little or no transfer time?

So, first of all the airport to go is the same, no matter if you choosing Pamporovo, Borovets or Bansko. The travel time from Sofia’s airport is for Borovets – 90 minutes. Bansko – 360 minutes. Pamporovo – it very depends of the weather and snowing conditions. We recommend you to go to Bansko or Borovets if this is your issue. After all we all have to choose the best for us and our family.

Question number 2 – Which of these three winter resorts are very good for beginner like me?

Well, that is tough, we analyze them all and find out that in 2016-17 Season Pamporovo is the best. Why? – Because it offers a lot of ski schools and the track is not so hard. Borovets is more for medium to advanced, yes there are still ski schools, but not as good as Pamporovo. Bansko… we do not recommend it for beginners – yes you can learn ski there, but go to Pamprovo.

See you at part 2! All best!

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