Going to Sunny Beach with Kids… See this first! – Part two.

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So we present you on 10th August the amazing first part of what to do with kids, when you are on a vacation in beautiful Bulgarian resort – Sunny Beach. Then we recommend you to visit Mr.Bear’s Kids Club, held in one of the coolest hotels out there – Fenix. We were asked about more information for this kind of club there and now we will make sure to give you more. So stay tuned! If you do not know where to find sunny beach holiday here is the site we recommend last time – Balkan Holidays.

The whole thing is that this club is free of charge, there are two major groups for kids. First is so called Cubbs, which is at age between 4 and 7 years old kids. Second group is so called Bears, which is between 8 and 12 years old.


So you have been asking how many days of the week are operating this amazing kids club. We asked the leader in providing this experience Balkan Holidays and they response in their blog, that it is 5 days in a week for about 4-5 hours in a single holiday day. So it is not all day, every day. Well we thing that you will miss the kids at some point, right?

You’ve asked us for directions of the weekly schedule of this amazing club for kids, we have it:

  1. Monday: Arts and Crafts activities with very cool machine, there are outdoors activates too, like football and dodge ball, sometimes volleyball.
  2. Tuesday: Design class, fashion designing their own cool t-shirt and sharing it. You will be charged for this T-Shirt about 10 leva (5€). After that there are amazing games like “know your world” – quiz to learn it and winning over other kids, they crown a winner of the day.
  3. Wednesday – garden kind of games – cricket, tennis and other cool ball games.
  4. Friday – arts class, making their own bracelets and painting amazing things in theme.
  5. Saturday – drama class masks and tell their own fiction story in front all kids on the stage.

That’s it, if you have more questions, we will reply in our mail. Thanks for asking! You ask, we answer! Here is again the cool video, where you can see the hotel and tihs amazing club.