Where is the cheapest resort for ski holiday in Europe?

Bulgaria Holidays

Many people wonder, what is /heh/ when comes down to winter season resort? Where can you find the best prices, the best value for your money this winter? Where you can learn to skiing very cheap?

You can explore the cheap Bulgaria ski holidays offers in many sites. Why? Because Bansko was nominated the best value winter resort in Europe. This prize was given from the major touring review site – TripAdvisor! Bansko is world class winter resort, that’s for sure. The prices are about four times less than the price in a similar destination for skiing. For example the Bulgarian resort offers very good and pleased vacation for your family /4 people/ in price… 1100 Euros! The Swiss Zermatt offers the same for 5000 Euros!


The best thing is that it is amazing nature and one of the sunniest winter resorts ever! See the picture. The other great thing is that it is very child friendly, there is a lot of ski schools and you can rent for very small amount of money…

The location of Bansko is also great, Bulgaria is not very big country, but the transfer time is always important, when comes down to holidaymakers… For most, who want to travel like 4-5 hours to the resort… no one! Bansko is located very near to the capital Sofia… so you are very close to Bansko it is like 90-100 minutes.

Bansko and Borovets are one of two of the top 6 cheapest winter ski destinations, the other ones are Sochi, Kranjska Gora (Slovenia). But still, when comes down to value of your money, weather, people, FOOD /important/. Bansko is the best or Borovets.


We want to dig down to the food, we are sure that you will love the Bulgarian food, Shopska salad and Snezanka are very traditional Bulgarian dishes, so do not miss them in restaurant!

See this amazing video, provided from Bulgarian goverment: