See the breathtaking country of Croatia!

Croatia Holidays

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Every day we write about holiday destinations and never stop doing it! And all the time we want to tell you something new, something exciting and something that will make you dream… We want to inspire you, challenge you and make you wish to travel more… And if we can help you with finding of the right place for you to go, or to guide you during your holiday, we’ll be very happy and absolutely sure that our mission is complete…

As usual, today we are going to speak about some amazing destination where you can go for having fun, lots of pleasant moments and many unforgettable emotions! But no, this is not the gorgeous country of Bulgaria (most of the time we publish interesting articles about this land) – this time we will inform you why you have to organize your next summer vacation in the captivating country of Croatia!


This land is so majestic that once when you go there, never want to come back home! Croatia is a place that seems like is from another world – a world of beauty and charm where you can get lost among amazing sights and breathtaking views… And everyone who is connoisseur of beauty will fall in love with Croatia!

Well, this unique land is located in Southeast Europe, as the Adriatic makes this country for being on the top when it comes to summer destinations and pleasant vacations at the sea…

Croatia has very long history and impressing culture. There you can see plenty of monuments that are well-preserved and in perfect condition as well. Except this, there were born many artists and scientists, as their works of art can be seen by all tourists who are visiting this lovely country!

Dubrovnik is one of the most magnificent places you can find in Croatia. And in our opinion, this ancient city has to be on the list of every holidaymaker who loves castles, old churches, small fairy houses and romantic atmosphere… All the trips to Croatia offered by the travel agencies include the city of Dubrovnik, because this place is one of the most attractive destinations across Europe that everybody wants to see it at least once!

If you want to surprise your beloved one with unforgettable trip for two, visit Croatia and experience lots of pleasant emotions that you’ll remember for a long time… Give both of you the most romantic holiday you have ever imagined and be sure that your half will be happy as never before!

Another place for you to go when on vacation in Croatia is the Plitvice lakes National Park. Well, whatever we say about this place will be less – with its captivating beauty, this amazing Natural Park is one of the most impressing places you could ever see. There you can enjoy many wonderful lakes, gorgeous waterfalls, caves, picturesque vegetation and some animal species…

And being among such an incredible nature, you will feel completely relaxed and filled with many pleasant energy – for those who need to forget about the daily round and the stress related to your work or family problems, a short trip to this amazing park will be exceptionally exciting experience!

An interesting fact about Croatia is that beaches are not the same like in the most summer destinations you have ever been… You will be wondered that instead a sandy texture, they are covered with stones and in fact, that lend a special charm to the beaches in Croatia!

Aside from this specific feature, all the summer resorts in the country are perfect for you to sunbathe or to have lots of fun when on the beach… The climate is pleasant and very mild, so you can stay all day long while relaxing under your sunshade and while enjoying the sound of the waves!


Have in mind that by visiting Croatia with your family, you will be also strongly impressed by the great travel deals and low prices you will find everywhere. There everything is really cheap and by paying less, you can spend a one-week vacation on a reasonable price and even if you wish, will be able to extend your stay by a few days. The only thing you should check in this situation is to ask the hotel’s staff if there is a chance to stay more days – during the summer season most of the hotels are booked-solid and it is completely possible the hotel to reject your request.

Being in Croatia you will be able to communicate in English – most locals and all employees in both the hotels and the restaurants speak your language, so if you need a help or just want to make some new friendships, without any problems you can do this!

The city of Zagreb is another wonderful place for you to go. It is the capital of Croatia and just like Dubrovnik will amaze with its charm and undescribing beauty…

Visit the lovely Gajeva Str. where you will find a number of cozy cafes in Italian style. Drink your afternoon coffee there and enjoy the gorgeous environment of this place.

For those who like shopping and want to visit some local shops, we highly recommend you to go to Praska Str. – the most suitable place for everyone who wants to buy something!

Zagreb has impressing architecture as well. All the beautiful buildings you can see in this city are just amazing, while the beautiful park around the town is a perfect place for you to take a rest for a while…

Dear readers, every holiday destination has its own charm and beauty. And somehow every vacation can be unique, memorable and unforgettable – you just have to open your eyes and to see what around you there is. Always be positive and ready for new adventures –believe us, wherever you go, there is something exciting for you to do and something that you will always remember!

Enjoy Croatia this summer, have unforgettable time and be happy! And never forget that if you travel with people who you love, every holiday will be perfect!