Sunny Beach resort – the place of unlimited possibilities… See more!

Bulgaria Holidays

Family vacation or solo trip – it doesn’t matter what kind of holiday you are planning to organize when it comes to summer entertainments and relaxation… And all holidaymakers who love exciting getaways among a pleasant atmosphere and environment have one and the same vision with regard to their vacations – nice hotels, good restaurants where to dine, attractive night clubs where to bust a move, varied water activities and sports, reasonable price offers etc. (move fast and see more here).

Over the past decades, summer resorts in Europe where you go for having excellent vacation at sea increase their number. Together with that, to make a choice become very difficult task and sometimes you may have the feeling that it is even impossible for you to do that! But why? – Well, the main reason is due to the great variety of nice summer destinations, that can completely confuse you. And every of the destinations seems more beautiful than the previous one… It strikes a chord, right?


In this case, first you have to specify what kind of holiday you are looking for. What are your priorities, as well as your needs, what price you are ready to pay and when you attend to hit the road…?

Let us assume that you want to go to some famous resort that many people have visited and where except excellent conditions for having pleasant stay, you will find many budget-friendly deals as well…

Let us also assume that you need long relaxation after a year working and a couple of days among wonderful ambience where to forget all the problems and stress!

Taking into account all this, we are 100% sure that a summer holiday in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is the right solution for you and the chance to be disappointed is zero – you may rely upon it!!

This amazing, attractive and very popular summer resort is the hottest point along the Black Sea coast and among most European, summer resorts at all! It attracts millions of tourists every year willing to feel the magic of this place…

It doesn’t matter how old you are, nor you are on a holiday on your own or with your family – Sunny Beach will charm you with its unlimited possibilities for having fun and incredible conditions for relaxation that are perfectly suited for all kinds of ages or family statuses!

Sunny Beach is highly visited resort by young people, families with small kids and even by pensioners… The prices there are extremely low and even the holidaymakers who have a tinny budget will be able to effort a full range of amenities and extras offered by the hotels. The plenty of different types of accommodations will make your head begin to turn and will impress you as never before – from the small guest houses to the luxuries hotels that look just like palaces, all buildings have modern design and great perfect appearance! But except that every hotel has a homely feel about it, in every hotel room you will find great conditions for your pleasant stay and fulfilled relaxation (beautiful furnishings, cleanliness, comfort, variety of hotel services etc.).

One of the biggest advantages for you to go on a holiday to Sunny Beach are the attractive discounts for early bookings. They start from January (-30%) and continue till the end of May (-10%), so being in Sunny Beach you will see for yourself that this resort offers really great possibilities for you to stay longer, to save money and to spend unforgettable, summer vacation by paying reasonable price…


Have no time check on the Internet all the hotels in Sunny Beach? Or you have that time but don’t have the patience to see them all? We completely understand you and that is why are suggesting you to see some of the hotels that according our opinion are perfect for your summer vacation: Hotel Sun Palace, Hotel Villa Mare, Hotel Victoria Palace, Hotel Bellevue, Hotel Chaika Beach, Club Hotel Eureka, Hotel Mercury, Hotel Diamond, Hotel Grand Victoria, Hotel Kuban, Hotel Majestic and many, many other great accommodations for you to go (in Sunny beach there are over 200 hotels).

When on vacation, everybody has to try the national cuisine of the country visited. And in Sunny Beach there is a long list of great restaurants where you can dine and to feel the incredible atmosphere of the traditional, Bulgarian establishments that are also called “mehani”. This kind of restaurants are fully furnished and decorated in folklore style, while the wonderful live music you will hear is just amazing – the melodic rhythms of Bulgarian folk songs and dances (horo) will make you get up from the chair and even to forget about your dinner!! Bulgarians are well-known across Europe for their party spirit and you will certainly be affected by the cheerful atmosphere surrounding you…

What you want to do usually after dinner? Probably you wish to lie down on your couch, or to take a walk? Or to watch TV? That is okay, but when on holiday it will be a little weird if you’re doing the same things, right? So, use your time optimally and don’t miss the chance to see as many as possible attractions and interesting places! And here, we would like to say that night life of Sunny Beach is one of the best ways for you to finish your day. Or to meet the next one :).

All the discos, night bars and clubs in this lovely resort are simply amazing with its modern environment, cheap alcohol, awesome music and great DJ parties! Rarely you can see so many clubs in one place and anywhere you won’t see such a variety of music styles. Sunny Beach is also favorite place for young people (both tourists and people who live near the resort) who want to have lots of fun, as well as to spend unforgettable night with their friends! Except this, it is not accident that all the secondary-school students’ farewell balls are conducted in Sunny Beach and if your stay coincides with them, you will have the pleasure to enjoy incredible beauty and lots of positive energy!!