How to Choose a Property Maintenance Company in UK

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When it comes down to investing in real estate and rental properties the biggest chunk of work is usually after the property is bought. Operating and maintaining this kind of property – house, apartment or other strictly for rents extremely challenging for people that do not have such experience. That’s why you hire firm like Two Lions 11 Ltd

Two Lions 11 Ltd

Why is that the case anyway

Modern kinds of investment buildings require a lot of care – wear and tear, burglars, extreme weather conditions, etc. The foundations and infrastructure need attention from corrosion or just falling apart – this costs investors a lot of money in the long run. 

When one or many properties have bad fasade or internal infrastructure like stears, elevators, lighting, etc, they lose value in the market and rent falls, when rent falls investors lose money.

How can you save yourself from these kinds of situations? – hire a good property maintenance firm.

How to Choose a Property Maintenance firm that actually do the work in UK

These firms work for you, represent you, fight for you – you and you only. You need to find companies that have the same vision, same passion for real estate as you do. Noone invests in rental property if there is no passion for real estate, right? To point you in the right mindset when you are looking see these tips from us:

  • look for experience not for price – if one firm charges 30% more for service than another firm the logical question is what this firm brings to the table. With everything in life the more you practice the more you know. The true value of this years are network connections, a network of handy people and firms that solve your problems when there is one. Do not neglect this;
  • having all maintenance services – handyman, furniture assembly, carpentry, bathroom fitting and design, gardening, kitchen fitting, pest control, etc. This is essential for any property maintenance client, you will need these services at some point and having all of them at one place is a good criteria to look for;
  • reputation, reputation, reputation – this is easy to check, well not on their site of course. Ask people, properties for feedback on that firm – is it correct to all tenants, owners and investors after using their services;
  • focus on local firms in the UK – if you have properties in Wigan, Manchester or Liverpool you need partners that operate in these regions. UK is quite unique in this regard because it is high density areas and there is specifics that only the locals know;
  • fix your attention to companies that have unique knowledge about the matters that you will need now and in the future;
  • know your paperwork well, the firm that you work with twice as well. Review their agreements – What is the taxation? Can you exit at any point of time? Do each site of the agreement know in detail what they are supposed to do and when? How do disagreements resolve? Check the owner report also.

These tips will give you the confidence to go and find the best maintenance firm in the United Kingdom. From our community we wish you good luck.