Why choose a private kindergarten in Sofia – leading highlights of this type of preschool preparation

Family Advice

When it comes down to finding a kindergarten Sofia the options seem not to be few. The first option, of course, is public preschool education, which is budget-friendly and mass-choice. However, there is one big “but” and it is brought down with the conducted academic process that every single parent wants to be at the highest level. And it may be so… In the following lines, you will find out how.

Which type of preschool is best

Everyone wants the best for their child and that is exactly why many parents are ready to pay serious sums to ensure quality education for their little heirs. There are two main options in this case – state kindergarten or private preschool training, which can also be with an English profile, i.e. to be organized in an English-speaking environment.

Last option is suitable for foreigners who want their children to attend kindergarten in Bulgaria, but many local residents also bet on this option, defining it as the best compared to all others. When choosing a childcare facility of this type, several things should be taken into account – fee, number of children in a group, training of teachers and equipment of the base and in view of all these details the final decision is made.

What are the leading highlights of the private kindergarten

If you have turned your attention to a private kindergarten Sofia, then you should know what you can expect as payers. Here is what you will be offered and what the dividends will be for your child:

  • a calm and friendly environment for children – this will help them feel good in the absence of their parents who, like them, are worried about the beginning of this new period;
  • interesting activities that are organized on an individual basis – creative activities, classes in music, science and other subjects will be studied in the private kindergarten in Sofia that is an excellent start for little boys and girls;
  • modern base which is built entirely according to the European model – it is very important to have suitable conditions that allow the smooth running of every single activity in the kindergarten. When it is private, it means that more financial resources are invested in things like furniture, equipment, outdoor areas, yard space, etc.;
  • a team of competent and experienced teachers with a pedagogical profile – they will not only teach your children, but also be their friends and role models. This is very important for children in kindergarten, for whom teachers are their authorities and people they trust for the preschool stage;
  • individual approach to each child – an extremely important detail that is of paramount importance to parents. Because just think about it: every child is different, which makes this kind of educational methods the best. The private kindergarten in Sofia will offer you exactly that and at a good price. It’s worth paying for.

ABC KinderCare Centre is a super option when it comes to quality preschool education for children from 2 to 6 years old. There the little ones will find a wonderful environment for their academic development and emotional happiness, which is the basis of high educational success.

For whom the English-speaking environment is suitable

In the large percentage of cases, people who bet on a private kindergarten in Sofia in an English-speaking environment are foreigners or mixed-marriage families. However, there are exceptions – many Bulgarians also prefer this option for their child, because they want to learn English at an early age.

What goals can be achieved in academic and emotional terms

Stable emotionality, good skills and academic knowledge, satisfied parents who are absolutely calm about their children in their absence. In terms of education, one can expect high academic achievements, practical skills and good preparation for first grade.