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Maybe you know the ancient town of Nessebar, but do you know an amazing gem of Sozopol? In this article we will try to cover most of interesting things in Sozopol. Sozopol is near amazing city of Bougas or Burgas in English. It is known for its history from ancient and medieval times, there you can still see buildings from 18th and late 19th century. There are also amazing beautiful beaches that you can spend on, when you are resting from exploration.

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Sozopol, like Nessebar is from Greek colony named “Apolonia” and with Nessebar is one of the most oldest and ancient cities in Bulgaria and Europe. Sozopol’s first name is “Antea” and it was given by the Greeks long, long ago. Then it was named after the ancient god – Apolon – Apolonia. Becouse this was not the only town that is named after this very famous god, they call it Apolonia Pontica, which means sea town. From that point of time to today we call it Sozopol or Sozopolis. This name means city of forgiveness and health.

We will dive more into history of Sozopol next time, with part two. We are sure that you will see and learn more things if you visit this ancient city, so do not hesitate go to Balkan Holidays and book you Sozopol holiday – trip that you will not forget.

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