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Hi there! At the end of the winter season everybody who had no opportunity to go on a ski vacation, start searching on the Internet some last minute deals and winter destinations where the ski season still continues. And if you are one of those people, as well as are hoping to find a place where to experience many pleasant moments among the snow, this article will be really interesting for you…

Today we are going to share with you where you can find a winter resort that is still working and that offers to the guests a full package of tourist services. Well, meet Borovets – one of the most famous and well-developed mountain destinations in Bulgaria that is also the oldest ski resort in the country with its three centuries of history!

about Borovets

A huge advantage for those who visit the resort at the end of the winter season is the promotional prices you can get for last minute booking – you can save lots of money, because the highest ski season is already over (it is from January till the mid-February). So that, if you are traveling parents and have a tinny budget, a holiday to Borovets will be excellent opportunity for the whole family!

This incredible, winter resort is situated at the Mount Rila and has captivating nature (it is favorable place for spring and summer holidays too) that will amaze you with its picturesqueness, richness of gorgeous rivers and lakes, mysterious caves and many breathtaking sceneries…  And during the winter, the beauty of Borovets and the area around the resort is simply strikingly (the snow-capped peaks, the sense of purity which the snow creates, the white fairy tale outside etc.). All the lovers of snow will be inspiring and amazed by the wonderful environment they will find in Borovets!

But not only is the pleasant atmosphere the reason why so many skiers and fans of the mountain visit Borovets every year. There you will find perfect conditions for practicing of varied winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, sledding etc.), whether you’re a beginner or advanced! And in case you are on a ski vacation for the first time, as well as have no experience with winter sports, Borovets will be your chance to learn in skiing and to get courage in case you are afraid… The excellent ski school in the resort is open to anyone who wants to take advantage of the professional advices, guidelines and trainings that the ski coaches working there provide. Except this, you can hire a personal guide who will accompany you while skiing. Thus you will feel safe while riding at full speed along the snowy pistes! And in addition, we would like to say that your children are also welcome to the ski school in Borovets – all instructors have a special treatment of the youngest skiers and with most pleasure will help them to make its first steps in this amazing sport!


There are three main ski areas in Borovets, as each of them is tailored to the respective level in skiing (Yastrebets, Markudjik and the central ski center of Borovets). So if you are beginner, start your ski adventure from hotel Rila where are the nursery runs and then (when you are more advanced) continue your winter adventure by visiting the challenging ski slopes of Yastrebets.

At the same time, all those who are experts and on a professional level in skiing, can try the black runs of Markujik that are a real challenge!

Definitely, the ski resort of Borovets is a great winter destination where except the perfect conditions for skiing and having lots of fun, every holidaymaker will find excellent hotels too. The resort’s hotel part is impressing with its variety of nice accommodations, so that you will have of full value relaxation when you come back to your hotel room. And just as every resort (summer or winter), the prices vary depending on the stay’s duration, catering, date of booking and guest’s number. There are hotels that offer BB (breakfast and bed) or FB (includes the three main meals of the day), as well as accommodation only. Most people prefer package price deals, but there also are some tourists who wish to be most of time outside the hotel, in order to try the food of the local restaurants or to make some short trips around the area of the resort. In this case, your family status is also very important factor when choosing a hotel, because when you are on holiday with small kids, you must comply fully with them… Before checking on the Internet for some good hotels in Borovets, see some of our favorite ones: Hotel Rila Borovets, Festa Winter Palace Hotel, Flora Apartments, Hotel Yastrebets Wellness & Spa, Euphoria Club Hotel & Spa, Hotel Lion, Borovets Gardens Aparthotel etc.

Each of them has great reputation (modernly furnished rooms, great conditions for relaxation, good food) and is top-rated. Meanwhile, you can read some feedbacks from people who have been already there and will make sure that the quality is high, while the prices are perfectly acceptable!

Out of the ski slopes in Borovets, there are many other interesting things for you to do… Yes, the resort in mainly visited for skiing, but some holidaymakers do not like winter sports and visit Borovets only as companions to their loved ones. And in this case, they have to find another way to fill its time. Well, the first thing you can do in case you are not fan of ski is to make a long walk around the resort – there are numerous landscapes you can see, so take you your camera and take lots of photos! Another way to relax while on vacation in Borovets is to visit some of the local cafes. Thus, you will have the chance to watch what is happening in front of you, but instead to be active as a skier, you will relax in a cozy place with a cup of hot coffee (and why not even a glass of wine)!