Bulgaria Borovets – Our Tips for great holiday there./Part two

Bulgaria Holidays

In our first part, presented the two-three things of the amazing winter resort – Borovets ski holidays are very strongly recommended here. If you follow the link you will find some offers that BH offers, but feel free to look around for other great offers in Thomson, or Thomas Cook.

One of the most amazing things is the value, that Bulgaria offers I terms of holidays. This country is crowned by tripadvisor as “the best value country for a ski holiday” so that’s important to sey, don’t you think?


The other thing that we want to point out, when comes down to skiing in this resort in your holiday is that is great for beginners, Bansko is not the best place to be, if you are newbie, but Borovets and Pamporovo is amazing.

The dishes are incredible, Bulgarian food is known for its fresh veggies and products. If you make poll of the Bulgarian food we bet that at least 80-90% will love it. The other will just like it J One of the amazing dishes are Snezhanka (Bulgarian amazing yoghurt + cucumber (either fresh or not) The other thing that Bulgaria is proud owner is the famous Shopska salad, this dish is very similar to Greek salad, but it is way more… thin and tasty. Just go there and try the whole menu!

The last thing it this article that we want to mention is the nightlife! There are a lot of amazing bars, we won’t tell you where to go, because everybody has their own mind of fun. Some life disco all night and dances, other goes to karaoke… Even our amazing team do not agree when we where there last year.  But we have to admit that the mountain air is great for you, after a lot of drinks, we promise that you won’t have hangover in the morning /well, we are almost sure!/

Thanks for reading it, we will continue very soon, all best,