ThePlaceToStay : See our favorite top 10 Bulgaria destinations. Part two.

Bulgaria Holidays

In our first part we discover Rila Monastery, Seasights and the sandy beaches in Bulgaria.

In this second part we want to focus on some historical cities. So les’s continue:

Number three: The ancient music of Sozopol.


Well Sozopol is a well known place for its beach and amazing summer holiday, but do you know that it is one of the oldest towns you can visit in whole Europe? This city is very near to Burgas, only 34-5 kilometers south and has a lot to offer in terms of exploration. 600 BC it was named Apollonia and there was an amazing temple dedicated to the great Greek god – Apollo! This town is not mega polis, it’s very small and attractive for one-two days vacation with you family or your wife/husband. Another thing to add is that there are some amazing restaurants there, you can see the whole sea and watch how waves are beating up the shore and the rocks beneath you… it is wonderful!

Number four: The very old town of great Plovdiv!


You may not know Plovdiv, but it is one of the largest cities in Bulgaria, it is the second in population, after the capital of Sofia. This city is known by its amazing old town on the hill. This amazing ancient city is founded before more than 6500 years! (Can you believe it?) The old town has structures that are from many, many different eras, like for example the Roman amphitheater. The Plovdiv old town is crowned this year to be European capital of history! (Surprise, surprise). So do not hesitate visit this town right away and feel the delight being so close to ancient history of Romans!

Thanks for reading, expect our third part very, very soon. See this amazing video we found of these ancient cities – Sozopol and Old Plovdiv!