ThePlaceToStay : See our favorite top 10 Bulgaria destinations. Part three.

Bulgaria Holidays

In our first part we cover sea, beaches and the amazing Rila Monastery, in our second part we cover the historical cities of Sozopol (ex. Apollonia) and the beautiful new European capital of history – Plovdiv (old town). This third part we will cover the nature part of amazing Bulgaria country. So let’s dive into! By the way… if you are looking for some amazing winter holiday, you can find one everywhere in the internet. book some in our great partner Balkan Holidays. See you around!

Number five: The great Belogradchik /8th wonder of the world!/


Yes, that’s right Belogradchik’s roks are named for the 8th wonder of the world. This is because the amazing manmade construction that is set to stand still and be against a stunning outcrop of rocks. This very, very amazing combination that you can only see it in some animation cartoon from DreamWorks… This very strange in term of shape sandstone and conglomerate /strong word/ rock formations are nothing less than a dream come true for nature lovers!

Number six: The seven Lakes.


Well we are proud to be one of the first to point you in this direction. Mother Nature is amazingly presented in that system of 7 lakes! This is one of the most common attraction, located in Rila Mountains (near Bansko and Borovets). It is really no matter if you visit them in winter or summer you will be amazed by them (see the picture). To be fair to get there it is not easy at all… The good news is that there are lifts to go there, but the bad is that is very heavy to walk or run. The air is so thin that are challenge for those who are not in very good shape. The legend say that place is where one of the first civilization – Atlantis are placed their Jesus… /the first of it/. So go there and Expolre!