What is the best beach resort in Bulgaria? – Review Part 1.

Bulgaria Holidays

We all know that Bulgaria beaches are one of the best places to go on a holiday. But how in the world we are suppose to choose a beach resort of so many, like: Golden Sands – amazing place near Varna. Sozopol – amaizing place to be, Nessebar – for our history lovers … Sunny Beach – While we are on the sun, there we have the most fun! Duni – the luxury beach holiday ever. Obzor – quiet place for elder holiday lovers. Albena – close complex with a lot of cool things. We are going to present you all of them I some sense of unique way.

  1. Sunny Beach is the best place by value for entertainment and fun. It is the biggest resort in Bulgaria. The Sunny Beach has 8 km long beach. Cheap alcohol and a lot of night clubs. The party is non – stop and you will get amazing memories of the place, if you are not too drunk to remember… There are a lot of attractions – aqua parks, playgrounds, volleyball and jet skiing, mini golfing and so on… Are you still thinking about it? Visit Sunny beach this summer via leading operators in Bulgaria – Balkan Holidays. These guys are amazing they have wonderful organization, from flight to hotel. BH air is their flight company and it is only doing flight to Bulgaria. The prices are very low and the experience is very good for that money.SB
  2. So let’s continue with Golden Sands, like the name the sand is really golden… this is the best place to be, if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature – trees and beaches. The Entertainment is still very good, but not as good as Sunny Beach. Golden Sands is near Varna (city in Bulgaria) Varna has some amazing thing to see, so you win in both. You can book some holiday via Balkan Holidays or Thomson. We recommend you to visit and tripadvisor for more info of Varna.