Top 3 reasons why you should visit the Sunny Beach Bulgaria right NOW!

Bulgaria Holidays

As you may know the Sunny Beach is by the Black Sea and it is in Bulgaria. This resort no doubt is the best place to be at summer holiday for all of you that cannot wait to be at the beach and do some amazing things. Why millions of people all around Europe and UK are choose the Sunny Beach resort  for their amazing holiday destination.

Reason #1:

The great Value for your money!

Let’s think about it … as you may know that resort have the cheapest prices by far compare to all other destinations at the same kind. And this is according to latest “Holiday Costs Barometer” that is published by “Post office travel money” they stated that Bulgaria and Sunny Beach are the BEST holiday bargain by far! It is a lot, a lot cheaper to go there in summer holiday then Greece (no surprise there…) Adriatic, compare to Spain it is still cheaper, we will not even mention the French Riviera. So, if you are on a budget this is the best place to be. Cheap meals, extreme cheap drinks (young ones… here?) and beautiful beaches and nature. That is our second reason btw…

Reason #2:

Absolutely amazing beaches and weather.


So… we know Bulgaria is beautiful, the beaches are super for your holiday with kids, no worries. Do you know that the water in the Black sea is much less salty then other resorts (Greece, Adriatic) and the sand is very sandy, not all covered by pebbles. Another thing is that there is NOT a dangerous creatures in Black sea by Sunny Beach. The Sunny Beach South and North beaches are awarded by official international certification and meet all their standards! Do you even thing about it now? J

Reason #3:

A lot of things to do in the resort.

There are a lot, a lot of things to do in the Sunny Beach – incredible choice of entertainment like very cool restaurants, amazing bars, pubs and of course nightclubs, right? If you are not a bar lover, you can see a lot of nature there. Bulgaria and especially Sunny Beach are very close to resorts of Nessebar, which is UNESCO World heritage town full of byzantine monuments… (see Wikipedia)

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