Visit Sozopol during the summer season and you will fall in love with this city!

Bulgaria Holidays

A summer vacation in Sozopol will give you very nice and exciting moments, lots of unforgettable emotions for which you will remember for a lot of time as well. In short, this so charming resort is very preferred by all who wish to have a romantic holiday and who are keen of history and culture – by taking a closer look, you will see why Sozopol is so famous summer destination among the European countries! 934760_10151462962018181_1176432671_n

If you are interested to see what the city of Sozopol once was, then just look around you and will discover how many wonderful landmarks there are – plenty of impressing cultural monuments and amazing architecture, incredible wooden, old houses carrying the spirit of the past, the Archeological museum and the beautiful church of the city. All that worth seen and you mustn’t hesitate at all, if your family vacation to be organized in Sozopol – trust us! This city is a favorite destination for millions of people from around the world and once when you visit it, you will become one of them too…

Although Sozpol is mostly poplar with its rich cultural heritage, do not forget that the city is located along the Black Sea coast and has great beach where you can enjoy the sun and the crystal clear water all day long! Otherwise, the lovely city of Sozopol combines a number of advantages for having a perfect holiday at sea – endless romance, beautiful beach, a lot of awesome establishments where you can go when the sun goes down and very low prices that will allow you to try everything the city offers!

Book a room in some of the ancient guest houses in Sozopol that to reveals a sea view (if possible) and will have the chance to relax among breathtaking atmosphere and beauty!

You can’t deny that we woke your interest, right? If we really did, that is because we fell in love with Sopozol and all that we are saying now is caused by actual experiences and impressions.  All the holidaymakers who have already been in this ancient city would visit this town again and this isn’t strange at all!