Mountain resorts of Bulgaria are the treasure of this land. See why!

Bulgaria Holidays

Hello there! How are you feeling tonight? Probably you are lying down on the couch relaxing and surfing in the Internet:)? We are glad you have found our travel blog because the information you can see here is interesting, enjoyable and will make your imagination to work. But you may know that dreams come true… And if you dream of something long enough, then someday it will come true!

Due to dynamic lifestyles we lead every day and the huge stress that we have in our daily live all the time, the number of people who want to spend their vacations (summer or winter) on the mountain and among the nature becomes increasingly larger and larger!


But if you looking for a cheap destination too, then no two opinions about this matter – your place is the majestic country of Bulgaria! A small land, but actually very beautiful and popular in Europe due to its picturesque mountains, wonderful rivers and incredible lakes… Honestly, this country is really adorable!

Okay, imagine that you’ve already decided to visit one of the mountain resorts in Bulgaria and the main question that comes into your mind, of course, is “Where exactly to go?”.

Well, in Bulgaria there is a really wide variety of mountain resorts and fairy villages (the last one is a perfect chance for all fans of rural tourism to enjoy the beauty of Bulgaria, their customs and interesting traditions among authentic atmosphere)!

Do you know Pamporovo? Have you ever heard about Borovets or Bansko…? It is not a big deal if you do not know them, because you can directly go and visit them :)! Go to some of these amazing mountain resorts during the winter, summer or spring – throughout the year there are great, working hotels that offer full service and attractive deals! These three unique resorts are well-known mostly as ski destinations, but during the warm seasons you can have nice family vacation as well.

In fact, in Bulgaria there are many incredible places among the nature, many secluded and romantic spots suitable for couples in love and lots of attractive resorts where you can experience a real ski or mountain adventure!