See why many British tourist visit Golden Sands resort every summer!

Bulgaria Holidays

Did you know Golden Sands resort in Bulgaria? Have you ever been there, or just have heard of this amazing place? If you have not been there, nor you have heard of it, then this article is the perfect chance for you to get more information about one of the most incredible summer resorts in Bulgaria!

Places where you can enjoy both nature and gorgeous beach are few. And the summer resorts that are cheap, but in the same time offer great conditions for recreation are so few that you can count them on your finger-tips… Golden Sands resort is one of them and we highly recommend you to visit it next summer!

Bulgarian’s summer destinations where you can have excellent family vacation during the summer season are many and wherever you go, won’t be disappointed… But if you want to experience a bit different holiday at sea, there are no two opinions that your place is Golden Sands resort!

Golden Sands

Everybody who has ever been there is pleased with its vacation and wish to come back there again for more… And if someday, you go to Golden Sands, the chance this place to become your favorite summer destination is huge! This lovely resort has numerous benefits that make every summer holiday unforgettable and wonderful: incredible beach with fine sand that also has an impressing golden color (therefore the resort is called in this way), a long list of nice hotels, many entertainments and attractions, a big variety of good restaurants, attractive night clubs etc.

Over the time Golden Sands became very desired destination among the foreign holidaymakers and continues to become more and more popular destination… With its great location, pleasant climate and budget-friendly deals, this place is ranked on the top in attendance and that makes it for being one of the most preferred summer resorts for family vacations as well!

Golden Sands is located in northeastern Bulgaria, as well as in captivating Natural Park where you can see many various species of beautiful plants, breathtaking sea views, as well as to feel the incredible energy of this area… Every fan of nature will have a pleasant time while walking through the alleys in this amazing Park and while listening to the bird’s song! And if you need to remove the accumulated stress, just close your eyes and enjoy this incredible environment (that could be kind of meditation)!

Near the resort is located the sea capital of Bulgaria – Varna. It is one of our favorite Bulgarian towns that we often visit and that is just amazing with its bustling city center, beautiful sea garden and coastal alley. And if you want to escape for a while from Golden Sands, as well as to make some short trip around the resort, visit Varna and take the chance to see what amazing sights this city is hiding…

One of them is the dolphinarium where daily are conducted impressing show performances with trained dolphins, so if you like these gorgeous animals, go there and enjoy this amazing view! Except this, you can go to the cafe located in the building and that is also specially designed for all those who want to see how the dolphins swim under the water, as well as part of their performance held in the floor above. Instead of wall, the cafe has glass windows that reveal spectacular view of the lovely swimming dolphins and thus you can be in close contact with them…

Another place in Varna that may impress you is the Zoo. It is one of the favorite sights for both the locals and the tourists who are visiting the town. There you will see more than 300 species of animals, as well as plenty of picturesque vegetation, cascade lakes and beautiful formed grass plots!


Getting back to the amazing Golden Sands resort, we would like to pay less attention to the places where you can stay during your vacation, or otherwise – the hotels in the resort.

Well, first of all we want to point out that most of the accommodations in Golden Sands are on a very high level when it comes down to food, comfort, amenities and entertainments for your children… And no, they are not too expensive at all (although for a moment you will say “Wow, such a luxury could not be at a low price”), they are budget-friendly and every holidaymaker will be able to effort a room in some 3-star, or 4-star hotel! See some of them: Grifid Hotel Arabella, Melia Grand Hermitage, Gradina Hotel, Apart Hotel Golden Line, Smartline Madara, Lilia Hotel, Kristal Hotel etc.

Every of the hotels we have recommended you above is perfectly suited for families with children, has excellent conditions for recreation and having fun, as well has great location. And we are sure that whichever you choose, will have an unforgettable stay with your beloved ones!

Most of the tourist share some feedback on the Internet during and after their holiday is over… So, you can check every of them and to see more details about each separately. Thus, you will get more idea what to expect when you arrive at your hotel!

When on holiday, everybody must visit some of the night clubs around – even if it’s only once…

In Golden Sands, there are many great night clubs for you to go. They are varied and offer cheap alcohol, awesome music and cheerful atmosphere! So, if you love night entertainments as we do and need to spend one night while partying in modern disco, visit some of the clubs listed below:

PR Club (most attractive disco along the Black Sea coast), Alcatraz club, Bizarro club, Disco Malibu, Mojito Beach Style, Papaya Disco, the Bar etc.

Of course, there are many other wonderful places where you can go after the sun goes down… Still, Golden Sands is summer resort and many young people visit it for having lots of fun and unforgettable time with their friends.

So, book your holiday even today, get some great discount and enjoy the summer season 2017!