Looking for amazing history and adventure holiday? – try Nessebar Bulgaria!

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Well, Nessebar is one of the most complete resorts ever! This Bulgarian city near Sunny Beach and Burgas are just so many thinks at one. Why we say that… well it is simple – amazing mix of luxury hotels and amazing villas and the incredible old town of Nessebar. We cannot mention resort’s coastline, which is one of the best and most charismatic in whole Bulgaria beaches resorts. Nessebar is known for the city history. If you are looking at Nessebar as your destination for holiday, please see Nessebar where you can book amazing holidays at very cheap and affordable price. Balkan Holidays are leading tour operator in East and Southeast Europe, awarded many, many times and reviews of them are just too good to be true. Take a look at some of their amazing last minute deals, so you can enjoy Nessebar this August.Old Town of Nessebar resort contains a great many links to the past and it is worth exploring and sees why it is part of UNESCO.

Attraction number one: Church of Saint Sofia.


This amazing church is located in old mitropolia, this place was once centre of an very, very ancient city… you can check it out in Wikipedia page.

Attraction number two: Old WindMill.


This attraction is clearly a reminder of once simpler times, when you do not have cameras, cell phones and facebook, right? This very well – preserved eastern Europe style and construction windmill is one of symbols of Nessebar. This old Windmill is design to harness of the wind at the great Black Sea coast and then transfer this power to milling area inside the mill. This will stay in your head for a while, it is really cool experience. You can see picture of it.

Attraction number three: Old Town of Nessebar.


Well, of course this is on our list. Big impact of the history of the town Nessebar is the strategic location. Thanks to old Greeks and Romans we are able to touch their culture via this Old Town. Even the streets are ancient. Many years ago Nessebar had the highest concentration of holy buildings in whole Bulgaria.


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