Explore Bansko and have an exciting winter vacation with your family! See more!

Bulgaria Holidays

If you are looking for mountain getaways where to get inspired, as well as to experience an incredible winter vacation with your partner, friends or family, then see Bansko – one of the top ski resorts in Europe!

Situated in the gorgeous Pirin Mountains (Bulgaria), this amazing resort is really captivating with its richness of beautiful nature, culture and history… It is not only a place where to ski, but a perfect option for everyone who needs a relaxation or is keen on hiking and climbing too!


This popular resort has wonderful ski runs where each of you can show its ski skills and to make a choice between several traces with different levels of difficulty – beginners (first-timers), intermediate, advanced (professionals).

Quite often, the ski resort of Bansko is visited by people who have no idea how to ski or snowboarding… They want to try some of the amazing winter sports, but are worried about their safety and whether they can learn in ski. Here we would like point out that there is no place for concern! Your safety while skiing in Bansko is guaranteed and if do not have any experience with winter sports, know that for all guests there is a special ski school available where you can get several lessons and many useful advises! So just relax and enjoy this wonderful sport!

Did you know that the region around Bansko is rich with many hot springs? And did you also know that being in this amazing resort you can have complete relaxation and lots of pleasant time while enjoying some SPA procedures or just spending a time in the SPA center of your hotel? Yes, the possibilities for relaxation in Basnko are really diverse and even for a moment you will not get bored or disappointed that you went there!

Laying aside all the winter sports you can practice in Bansko (they are the main reason for every winter trip to this lovely, mountain resort), we would like to say that you can see there many beautiful sights and ancient houses (they are well-worth a visit) that can take your breath away with its beauty and incredible energy!

Those who love historical landmarks should visit the amazing Rila Monastery or the city of Melnik (near Bansko), as well as the astonishing Yagodinska Cave!

Bansko still offers great holidays deals, so it is not too late at all to book your ski vacation in Bansko!