Sozopol – amazing resort for holidaymakers in Bulgaria.

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Well Sozopol is one of the best resorts in Bulgaria, in this small article we will try to present you the things about this amazing ancient city in Bulgaria and you to have an amazing holiday in Sozopol Bulgaria. The location of Sozopol is near great city of Bourgas or Burgas, Sozopol is located on a very small rocky peninsula and it is one of the most southern resorts in Bulgaria. That’s why it is very compelling, not only with the weather and sandy beaches, but also with ancient civilizations that lived out there. This is very romantic place to be with your beloved ones… it is perfect for kids, because is quieter and kid friendly. Here is a picture of the beach:

sozopol bulgariaBulgarians are keeping this town for many years, trying to stay modern, but keeping the traditions alive, for example fishing methods that are so old, that no one knows how old. If you are photographer – pro or amateur you will find this place magical. Historic churches, like those in Nessebar, bay windows and wooden houses, are perfect inspiration for you photographic collection. Not to mention that these houses are probably 18th centuries. Full of color and amazing views Sozopol is a perfect fit for any non – hard clubber out there.

Nightlife is not so big and noisy as those in Sunny Beach, but still there are a lot of restaurants out there and you can have fun with a lot of cool bars that are open all night long.

Bulgaria is full of surprises, you will find Sozopol it is another one, you will be amazed of many things out there, but we will prefer you find them yourself. When you read very detail presentation of some resort some of the charm is taken away, right? So go there explore and tell us what we are missing!

Thanks for reading this article we will keep giving you amazing content about Sozopol, Nessebar and Bulgaria little known restors. All best!