ThePlaceToStay : See our favorite top 10 Bulgaria destinations. Part five.

Bulgaria Holidays

Okey this is the last part of our top 10 favorite Bulgarian destination not to miss, when you go there. So drums please, this is number 5! (See other parts in our archive…). We know it is October and you are thinking for some amazing winter holidays in Bulgaria. Great choose is Bulgaria Bansko ski holiday or Borovets ski and spa holiday. We will cover these options and compare them in our next article, so stay tuned, we are not going to miss it. So let’s finish our very cool tour to Bulgarian country.

In this part we will tell you about the heart of the Bulgarian country – Veliko Tarnovo. Historical place with a lot to see and also we will present you Nessebar – the other ancient city with Sozopol, that we mention in part 2.

Number nine: Veliko Tarnovo – the capital of the second Bulgarian Empire!


Yes, you hear right, Bulgaria were Empire and Veliko Tarnovo was its capital. This was before more than 600 years. One of the main attractions in terms of history is Tsarevers fortress, which was re-build from very ancient palaces. In this place the Bulgarian rulers rule the land just before Ottoman invasion, when all Bulgarian people become part of the great aggressive Ottoman Empire. When you go there you will for sure feel the great Bulgarian country, that survive cultural and language wise over 500 years in Ottoman Empire.

Number ten: Nessebar – the ancient pearl.


We named Nessebar pearl not for the first time, a lot of people are saying that it one of the most attractive town in Bulgaria. It is located very near the airport of Burgas and in minutes from the great resort of Sunny Beach. This town has a history goes back with Thracian, then was the Greeks, Romans, then Byzantines, Bulgarian, then the Crusaders came and for the last time before Bulgarian take it again was 500 years in Ottoman’s hands. This place, all of it is part of UNESCO – heritage site. This is one of the most important place for Europe, because many thinks that is where life on our continent and our planet was created in the first place, but this of course is speculations…

Thanks for reading our whole 5 parts, we hope enjoy it as much as we do and we are waiting for your comments, do you want to add some more?