Best things to do in the incredible city of Nessebar!

Bulgaria Holidays

Bulgaria as a holiday destination is popular and preferred among the people from Europe and all over the world. The Black Sea coast that is well-known with its beautiful summer resorts attracts holidaymakers willing to spend a pleasant time with their families on a one-week holiday or for longer. The perfect conditions for sunbathing (mild climate and lack of dangerous fish and animals) make Bulgaria as a summer destination for being one of most visited and desired places by the tourists!

Speaking about romantic and ancient holiday destinations, however, there isn’t more suitable place then the city of Nessebar Bulgaria! People, who attend to organize its summer vacation there, have to be informed that this place is not only resort, Nesebar is a whole world that is hiding an incredible history, lots of beauty and magnetism… If you are a fan of historical landmarks, ancient churches and buildings, then you have been taken the right decision as regards to your choice to be on a holiday in this amazing city!


Reading or article, maybe you are wondering what are things you can do while being on a holiday in Nessebar? We would like help you and give some guidelines when it comes down to interesting activities that will make your stay there unforgettable and memorable.

Visit the Eco Bar in Nessebar! This  is very interesting place because of its unusual appearance – from outside it looks like a cave, but inside you will be surprised by the modern bar that offers to its visitors a full range of beverages and wonderful atmosphere!

Go to the Archaeological Museum in Nessebar – there you can learn more about the history of this region, as all the information is translated into English for ease of the foreign tourists. By visiting this amazing landmark you will have the chance to feel the spirit of the remote past as well.

Take care of your good mood and visit the wine shop in the city! This lovely small shop is the perfect place for all the people who are fans of good wine and who want to lift its mood up. Just try it!